Welcome to a Vision Available to Your Community

At One World Secondary School, whose portable model is available for opening anywhere in the developed world, we believe in our mission: “By synthesizing best practices from around the world and throughout time, and without depending upon selective admissions or extraordinary resources, One World Secondary School’s purpose is to demonstrate a world-class model of education so that diverse students succeed in colleges of their own choosing.”

We plan for all students to pursue an American baccalaureate certificate, a proposed new qualification for the public funding of scholarships for new three-year bachelor’s degrees at our nation’s public universities and polytechnics. This award aims to better prepare students for higher education by helping them gain an in-depth knowledge of three subjects studied to an advanced level as the students develop the skills and attributes needed for university study. In addition to qualifying for automatic admission to public universities, top Ameribac holders' academic qualifications should be extremely competitive for admission to the world’s most selective university colleges, including those at Princeton, Williams, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, Chicago, and Oxford, and for direct admission from One World into professional programmes abroad, including medicine.